Outdoor Dining Table Setting Granite Speckled 1.8 Top EM18090 Base 6 x Emily Chairs

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*Beautiful; Unique; Individual; Natural; Granite! These are just a few words to describe the characteristics found in the water marks/ magmas etc of each piece of this gorgeous timeless stone! Granite Stone, Outdoor Setting with wrought Iron chairs. This setting is certainly beautiful and unique. This solid granite stone top is truly amazing, take a moment to sit back and think just how old this stone is. Granite as used in the great pyramid of Giza over 4,500 years ago!! This 1.8 metre long speckled granite table top, is polished with a bevelled edge, a wrought iron base, and 6 wrought Iron chairs is a setting that will delight you. The speckled stone is white with black / grey specks. Each piece of stone is unique, and one of a kind. You will spend many hours sitting around this setting, with friends and family enjoying the beauty of this stone. Granite Top 180x90x3cm thick *** Actual tables base as shown below- NOT as pictured in setting CHAIR OPTIONS 6 x Dinner Chairs (more info) 6 x Emily Chairs (more info) 6 x Oxford Chairs (more info) 6 x Sophie Chairs (more info) Delivery Australia Wide. Item number: SPECKLED18EM