Stukup Promo Pack Mixed Duct Tape. 120 Rolls!!!

Carton includes: 96 rolls of coloured patterned tape (24 designs x 4 rolls of each design) = 96 roll @ 48mm x5 meters... ALSO 24 rolls of colouring tape ( 4 designs x 6 rolls of each design) 24 fantastic rolls @48mm x 5 meters.... Totals 120 rolls of duct tape!
There are many uses for duct tape.... Limited only by your imagination! Use to personalize your possessions; freshen up tired folders; photo frames; be creative and make bows for gifts... Just google USES FOR DUCT TAPE and you will be amazed!!!
** The colouring-in tape is perfect to keep the kids entertained....and is not just the kids that will love it! Colouring in is such a relaxing pass time!
PLUS 2 counter display boxes for perfect presentation and cash in on extra sales at the till!

Product Code CYPROMOSU